Monday, March 2, 2015

MRDTC : A Better Place For Mushroom Cultivation Training in Delhi

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In India where a large community of unemployed youth looking for some self-employment businesses so they can earn their livelihood. I have come up with a new farm based business idea that is mushroom farming. This business is very easy to start and profitable as well. Mushroom production requires very little knowledge, space, and investments and it can be a best option for self employment to the educated youths.

So how anyone can start this mushroom farming business in India? Answer is simple before starting you have to take training first to get advantage in this field. There are lots of government and private agencies providing practical training of mushrooms in India. Here i will talk about MRDTC a private mushroom farm providing excellent mushroom farming training in Delhi.

Introduction of MRDTC

The Mushroom Research Development and Training centre (MRDTC), a unit of DK Floriculture was established with the objectives of providing services and technical know-how to the mushroom farmers, entrepreneurs, educated unemployed and other sections of the society.

Facilities and Infrastructures provided by MRDTC

Training hall with all modern equipments

Hygienic guest room

Trained Personnel

Mushroom farms for practicals

Training Details:
The Cultivation Technology of following mushrooms will be covered during the training courses with special emphasis on practicals.

Ø White button mushroom - Agaricus bisporus and A.bitorquis
Ø Oyster mushroom - Pleurotus spp.
Ø Paddy straw mushroom - Volvariella spp.

Ø Specialty mushrooms - Shiitake (Lentinula edodes), Black ear (Auricularia spp.) and Milky mushroom (Calocybe indica).

Training Duration:

Usually for 5 days

Course Fee:

Rs. 5000/- per trainee

How to Apply for Training:
For Refistration and Dtetail please contact :
Director : (Mushroom Research, Development and Training Centres)
By Post/ Email- ,

How to pay course fee:

Pay by DD/ Cheque

Journey and Accommodation:

The trainees will have to arrange their own accommodation before coming to the training programs because MRDTC does not have accommodation facilities available to their training centers.

In Delhi there are lots of cheap hotels and guest houses ranging between Rs. 250- Rs 1000 per day, which you can book prior to come or if you have any relatives in Delhi so u can make arrangements with them.

Services of MRDTC

Contact address of MRDTC