Friday, March 13, 2015

List of 20 Self Employment Business in india

Here are some List of Self-Employed business opportunities in India that anyone can start this business with little Investments. 

Sl. No. & Titles

 1.  The Plumber 

 2.  Electrician 

 3.  General Grocery Store 

 4.  TV/VCR Mechanic 

 5.  Aata Chakki

 6.  The Refrigerator Mechanic 

 7.  The Fast Food Shop 

 8.  The Beautician 

 9.  Cable T.V. Operator 

 10. The Fashion Designer 

 11. The Motor Mechanic 

 12. Dairy Farming 

 13. Poultry Farming 

 14. Beekeeping Unit 

 15. Day Care Center 

 16. The Clinical Laboratory 

 17. The Welding Shop 

 18. The Photocopier 

 19. Bill Payment Center 

 20. Mushroom Farming 

 Mushroom Farming is a low cost high-profit business venture.For more information on how to start your own mushroom farming business in India. Please Click on this Link: Mushroom Cultivation in India- A New Scope for Self Employment